Parts and components cleaning


We manufacture machines specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the automotive industry.
  • High rate environment | 5 to 60 seconds

  • One piece flow cleaning process without buffer

  • Production in an automated / robotic cell

  • Compact systems

  • Cleanliness requirements | ISO 16232 – VDA19 standard

  • Availability rate > 98%

Work together to solve our cleanliness customer issues with the best / appropriate cleaning solution

Cleaning process for automotive parts and components

Our machines will clean your parts in different steps of your process :

  • In process

  • Before leak test

  • Before dimensional check

  • After final wash > cleanliness standard ISO 16232 | VDA 19

Particulate cleaning analysis of automotive parts

High speed rate cleaning

Our high rate degreasing and particle decontamination machines are perfectly designed to guarantee an efficient cleaning of your parts in a few seconds!

Even with a short cycle time, the part exit temperature will be under 35°C (95°F).

Robot-friendly short-cycle parts washer for oil sump

Compact layout

Reduction of machine foot print in order to bring closer upstream / downstream processes. Compact layout is a key factor for automotive business.

Due to automotive lean manufacturing concept, we are always offering compact cleaning system.

Compact mechanical parts washer

Robot cell integration

Is your machining or assembly line fully automated ?

Our machines are friendly designed for integration in a robotic cell 

Easy maintenance for :

  • Automatic chamber cleaning in every cycle
  • Option to connect the machine to an outside central washing unit.
Short-cycle parts washer position table Robot

Application case

Some examples of parts and components cleaned in the automotive industry :

  • Turbo main body

  • Crankshafts

  • Transmission shafts

  • Pinons

  • Pistons

  • Cylinder heads

  • Common rail

  • Steering rack bar

  • Oil sump

  • Components for gearboxes

  • And much more…

Before and after cleaning rack housing comparison
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution
Case study
Canalisations de refroidissement de batterie électrique
Cleaning cooling system for E.V industry

Internal particulate cleaning of cooling circuits

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Case study
Visuel 3D d'un Carter de Crémaillère de direction
Cleaning steering rack housing

Particle cleaning with MecanoFAST parts washer for aluminium rack housing after machining

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Case study
Rampes d'injection après le nettoyage, le dégraissage et la décontamination des particules
Common rail cleaning and drying

Particle removal with MecanoFAST parts washer to clean common rail before assembly and leak test

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Case study
Vilebrequin avec système de bridage automatique après nettoyage
Crankshaft cleaning

Cleaning crankshaft with MecanoFAST parts washer for the automotive and heavy trucks industry

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Case study
Transmission shaft cleaning

Internal / external diameter transmission shaft degreasing

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