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Our core values and DNA

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In detail, MecanoLav offers...

Human-sized company

RIDEL SAS is a family business created in 1923.

Our 40 employees are involved in the design, manufacture, sales, on-site installation and follow-up of our degreasing machines under our brand MecanoLav.

Parts washers manufacturer Mecanolav's team

The Cleanliness Technology

Our approach: Support our customers in providing answers to their cleaning issues related to their workpieces.

  • Identifying the most effective solution

  • Cleaning trials in our workshop.

  • Dedicated pre-project team

Mecanolav parts washers manufacturer's approach

Integrated design department

Our design department draws up the 3D concept for every machine before its production in our workshop.

A project leader links up with our teams and gives our customers tailor-made follow-up from the machine design to its on-site installation.

Mecanolav parts washers' integrated design department

Made in France

Our cleaning units are designed and manufactured in France by our production teams in our workshop at Neufchâtel-en-Bray in Normandy.

  • Welding and assembly

  • Machine and control cabinet wiring

Mecanolav parts washers symbol of French industry

Analysis laboratory

Key equipment are available to qualify the cleanliness achieved during pre-project trials and approve the performance of the cleaning machine before delivery.

  • Surface tension measurement

  • Particle size (ISO 16232 / VDA19)

  • Gravimetry

  • NVR measurement (non-volatile residues)

  • Residual wetness analysis

Mecanolav's parts washers analysis laboratory


Thanks to our customers and because innovation is part of our DNA, we are developing new technologies wich are breaking new ground in the area of cleaning, such as the MecanoFAST degreasing process or the Dynamic CNp.

Our aim is to constantly improve and develop our products.

Mechanical parts cleaning machines manufacturing workshop

Automation department

Our automation engineers ensure the development of the machine software but also the communication between the other equipment in your production line.

  • Start-up assistance

  • Machine <> robot exchanges

  • Traceability

Cleaning machines PLC program

Assistance and maintenance

To provide an attentive service and a cleaning machine in perfect operational condition, our after-sales service ensures the follow-up of all machines installed in France, Europe and all over the world.

  • Advice & diagnostics

  • Spare parts in stock

  • Remote maintenance via modem

  • Support and troubleshooting

Mecanolav parts washers after-sales service

In addition to our range of aqueous spraying machines,
MecanoLav is the representative of the following manufacturers in France,

Mecanolav is a Surface Alliance member

  • 3 cleaning expert

  • 23 sales representatives around the world

  • 230 employees

  • THE answer to your cleaning requirements.