Cleaning cooling system for E.V industry

Internal particulate cleaning of cooling circuits

Cleaning of cooling elements for electric batteries

A rank 1 automotive subcontractor has requested MecanoLav know-how for cleaning cooling elements for electric batteries.

    • Final washing of a complex part before assembly
    • Remove metal particles greater than 400 microns to avoid pollution of the coolant

Compact parts washer

  • Compact horizontal chamber machine
  • Simple integration into the production process
  • Interchangeable fixtures dedicated to 4 different part references
  • Fast connection of tubular parts to cleaning system
  • Ergonomic manual loading/unloading

Cleaning in short cycle time

  • 90 to 120 seconds of cycle time
  • 2 to 4 parts per cycle
  • Cleaning / drying by flushing ​
    Water / air injection from one end to the other to expel residual pollution and efficiently dry the part
  • Efficient filtration fluid and air process