Transmission shafts cleaning

In robotic cells with anti-corrosion protection

A Tier 1 automotive subcontractor has requested MecanoLav for cleaning transmission shafts.

    • Cleaning after sandblasting operation
    • Final wash before packing of parts
    • Perfect drying to ensure the adhesion of the protective oil in post-operation

Clean and dry in 40 seconds

  • 1 piece every 20 seconds
  • Double work chamber to clean 2 parts simultaneously

Particulate cleaning

  • Cleanliness according to VDA 19
  • 2 spraying devices ensuring a targeted and homogeneous action on :

–    the inside of the shaft (Ø 15 mm)

–    the outside of the shaft (grooves)

  • Flexible workpiece holder that can accommodate 2 parts references

Integrated in robotic cells

  • Installation and recovery by a single robot
  • Hidden time cleaning with rotary table 2 positions
  • Dewatering/soaking module : protection at cleaning outlet before packing
  • Robot loading of 10 shafts per cycle