Tunnel de lavage pour le dégraissage et le séchage de pièce mécanique


Linear multistage parts washer for continuous or step-by-step treatment
Tunnel de lavage pour le dégraissage et le séchage de pièce mécanique
  • Modular design > lenght / lines / stages

  • Useful dimensions can be adapted as needed

  • 3 conveying technologies : Chains – Belts – Workpiece carriers

  • High flow > 0,5 to 2 meter / minute

  • 304L Stainless steel structure for strength and durability

  • Easy maintenance access to modules and tanks

  • Made in France

Degreasing and drying of mechanical parts and components in continuous high rate flow

Flexible process

Well established in high rate production processes, the tunnel parts washer can be tailored to the application and allows the integration of multiple modules for continuous part processing.

  • Degreasing steps

  • Phosphation steps

  • Reverse flow rinsing steps

  • Passivation and rust protection steps

  • Hot air drying steps

Linear multistage parts washer tailored application

Tailored to the parts to be treated

For optimal cleaning and drying, the useful dimensions of the tunnel are adjusted to the shape and size of the parts to be treated.

  • Useful width from 100 to 9000 mm

  • Useful height from 7 to 1200 mm

Dimensions of linear multistage parts washer

Belt conveyor

Designed to handle multiple part references, especially in the general industry , the tunnel parts washer is made up of a stainless steel wire mesh belt to accommodate part diversity.

  • Driven by a geared motor with torque limiter

  • Adjustable guiding rails

  • Configurable speed

Linear multistage parts washer belt conveyor

Chain conveyor

Two stainless steel chains with hollow links enable scrolling of existing Work Piece Carrier. A first conveyor upstream, a second one at the exit of the tunnel ensures the return of the carrier towards the next operation.

  • Input detection sensors

  • Exit saturation sensor

  • Continuous or step-by-step flow

Linear multistage parts washer's chain conveyor

Pallet conveyor

Specific workpiece carriers designed for the parts are provided with the parts washer. This type of conveyor allows :

  • Robot friendly configuration

  • Optimal part position for efficient cleaning and drying

Workpiece carrier for linear multistage parts washer

High flow cleaning

The continuous flow cleaning of parts enables the highest production rates to be met, such as in the automotive industry.

  • Tunnel length according to the required throughput and processing time

  • Multiple parallel conveying lines.

Linear multistage parts washer's high flow cleaning

Conveying loop

As part of a stand-alone tunnel, a conveying loop equipped with crossovers allows loading and unloading stations to be combined at the same position.

  • Gravity roller conveyors

  • Operator control panels

Linear multistage parts washer conveying loop

Accessibility and maintenance

Each module has a cover with a safety switch for optimum accessibility during maintenance operations.

Large covers above the tanks allow quick access to the filters.

Linear multistage parts washer's details

Targeted cleaning

Based on our know-how in the treatment of complex parts, MecanoLav has developed specific devices embedded in the cleaning tunnel for a targeted mechanical action.

  • Internal cleaning of railway bearing cage

  • Cleaning of small circuits by syringing with particle size requirements

Linear multistage parts washer targeted cleaning

Special applications

MecanoLav’s DNA focuses on tailoring our machines to our customers’ cleaning needs.

This gigantic tunnel, more than 18 meters long and 8 meters wide, which is able to clean more than 400 different parts, is the perfect illustration.

Aircraft linear parts washer

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Useful width
100 to 9000 mm
Useful height
7 to 1200 mm

Overall dimensions

according to module and rate
according to useful width
according to useful height


3 levels
Integration of oil skimmer
Number of modules
1 to 10
Conveyor type
chain / belt / pallet
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution