Machine de nettoyage mono bain à plateau rotatif avec des équipements personnalisés


Single tank parts washer with rotary basket
Machine de nettoyage mono bain à plateau rotatif avec des équipements personnalisés
  • 3 sizes according to parts / components dimension

  • Automatic cycle with closed circuit

  • 304L Stainless steel structure for strength and durability

  • Perfectly suited for maintenance of very dirty parts

  • Low energy and detergent consumption

  • Wide range of features to suit your requirements

  • Made in France

Proven for over 40 years in renovation plants, truck garages and maintenance workshop

3 standard sizes

The ECO mechanical parts degreasing unit is divided into a range of 3 standard sizes according to the dimension, weight and quantity of parts to be cleaned.

  • IC2 > Ø780 mm – H450 mm – 150 kg max

  • IC3 > Ø900 mm – H 550 mm – 300 kg max

  • IC4 > Ø1100 mm – H 700 mm – 500 kg max

Automatic parts washer with rotary basket

Proven robustness

As a historical product of the MecanoLav range, its robustness is proven in many truck garages and maintenance workshops.

  • Maximum load capacity of 500 kg

  • Wide angle opening for hoist loading

  • Removal of dried grease and oil by high flow cleaning

Mechanical parts degreasing machine

Automatic cleaning cycle

Every step of the cleaning cycle are carried out fully automatically according to pre-set timers.

On request, the cycle can also include fully automated drying of the parts.

  • Time saving

  • Hidden time operations during cleaning

  • Consistent cleaning quality

Start of parts washer automatic cycle

Closed circuit operation

The cleaning fluid is used in a closed circuit and filtered on several levels in order to collect pollution and protect the pump.

  • Low water consumption

  • Low detergent consumption

  • Drain frequency according to amount of pollution

High flow wash pump for parts washer with rotary basket

Targeted spray in manual mode

In addition to automatic mode, ECO parts washer can include a hand operation mode to clean difficult areas for the most complex parts.

  • Glove pockets

  • Fluid spray gun operated with footswitch

  • Mode selection from the control panel

  • Glass sight and lighting with steam extractor

Parts washer with rotary basket manual mode

Rinsing feature

Before dye penetration or painting, optimal and repeatable rinsing after the cleaning step is necessary. For those application,  ECO parts washer includes an additional module to rinse the parts by supplying fresh water.

  • Rinsing step with calibrated nozzles

  • Storage of rinse water in a buffer tank

  • Stability of the cleaning fluid concentration

  • Rinse water evacuation

Rinsing feature of the parts washer with rotary basket

Adaptable and flexible

A wide range of additional equipment can be included regarding the application, from process requirements to maintenance friendly features.


  • Disk or coalescing oil skimmer

  • Hot air drying and/or blowing steps

  • Steam extraction or condenser

  • Automatic filling with draining feature

  • Fine filtration

Single tank parts washer with rotary basket

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Useful diameter
780 to 1100 mm
Useful height
450 to 700 mm
Loading height
800 mm
Maximum load
150 to 500 kg

Overall dimensions

1150 to 1600 mm
900 to 1250 mm
Depth with open lid
1170 to 1700 mm
1080 to 1350 mm
Height with open lid
1650 to 2100 mm


Tank volume
100 to 170 liters
Operating temperature
50 to 70°C
Tank heating power
6 to 12 kW
Average cycle time
10 to 15 minutes
Washing pressure
2,5 to 4,5 bar
Washing flow
180 to 250 liters / minute
Empty weight
120 to 250 kg
Installed power
7,5 to 14 kW
Voltage supply
400V TRI
Power frequency
50 Hz
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution