Carrousel de nettoyage de pièce multiposte avec plateau indexé pour nettoyage à haute cadence


Multi-steps carousel parts washer
Carrousel de nettoyage de pièce multiposte avec plateau indexé pour nettoyage à haute cadence
  • 8 to 16 cleaning steps depending on production flow and cleaning process

  • Complete cycle in closed circuit: washing, rinsing, drying

  • High production rate

  • Precise indexing for robotic loading

  • CAD design and manufacturing of Workpiece carrier

  • Cleanliness standards | gravimetry – particle size

  • Useful dimensions can be adapted as needed

  • Made in France

Multi-steps parts washer for precise cleaning in robot cell

8 to 16 cleaning steps

Carousel is based on the principle of a barrel.

The indexed step-by-step rotation performs successive cleaning / drying phases in separated modules.

Quantity of steps, rotation speed and treatment time in each station enables the system to meet your cleanliness requirements and production flow.

Carousel parts washer process

Robot friendly

En deux postes dédiés ou sur un seul et même poste, le chargement et le déchargement du Carrousel peut être réalisé manuellement ou par un robot.

Loading and unloading of the carousel can be done manually or by a robot, either at two dedicated stations or at one location.

  • Loading and unloading at the same station

  • Operator access protected by light curtains 

Fixture robot for carousel parts washer

Specific Workpiece carrier

A stable position is required to allow robotic loading.

The workpiece carrier is designed by our engineering department according to the part diversity to ensure an efficient cleaning and drying.

Fixture of a carousel parts washer

Particle size requirements

The environment of the machine is a key factor in achieving cleanliness requirements on complex and sensitive parts.

For this purpose, the carousel can be integrated into a clean room to meet the most stringent cleanliness standards.

Carousel parts washer in a clean room

New Technology

Except for a very rare exception, applications where Carousel was the privileged cleaning solution are now focused on a new innovative parts wasger that erases its historical weaknesses: the MecanoFAST.

  • Fast > High production rate (few seconds)

  • Compact > Under 2m² / 22 ft² floor space

  • Efficient > Meets to cleanliness standards | ISO 16232 – VDA 19

  • Robot friendly > Robot cell cleaning

  • One piece flow cleaning process without buffer


Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

50 to 800 mm
50 to 500 mm
50 to 500 mm
Loading height
900 to 1120 mm

Overall dimensions

2450 to 3900 mm
1380 to 2750 mm
1950 to 2200 mm
Height with vertical doors open
3250 to 3500 mm


Quantity of steps
8 to 16
Volume per tank
350 to 1200 liters
Operating temperature
50 to 70°C
Heating power per tank
12 to 42 kW
Average cycle time
1 to 60 seconds
Washing / rinsing pressure
3,4 to 20 bar
Washing / rinsing flow
450 to 950 liters / minute
Empty weight
700 to 2000 kg
Installed power
44 to 120 kW
Voltage supply
400 V TRI
Power frequency
50 Hz
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution