Our Approach

Our team help you to define the best cleaning solution regarding your specification


Understand your needs

Mechanical components in the aeronautics, automobile, railway or general industry have ever-increasing requirements for cleanliness.

We need to identify first your components type, pollution and the cleanliness requirements in order to define together the most suitable cleaning process.


Cleaning processes

Identify the smartest cleaning technology

We defined a methodology allowing us to perform a complete analysis of :

  • Your feedback
  • Our experience feedback
  • New technologies available

For this, 4 basic parameters are to be considered and linked each other on the way to define the suitable cleaning technology.


Surface alliance

Collective know-how

To be able to propose you the smartest technology depending on your needs, MecanoLav and 4 other specialists of industrial parts cleaning join together to form the competence network called Surface Alliance.

Operate worldwide and complement each other, the alliance allows us to offer you the most complete range on the market, and therefore the optimum technical solution.

By constantly innovating, Surface Alliance also means an efficient sales network, high-performance and reactive service at an international level to guarantee your satisfaction.



Cleaning unit perfectly integrated to your production

In addition to the best suited cleaning process, the cleaning unit need to be  fully in adequation with your production flow.

It must consider :