Ultra compact one-piece flow cleaning and degreasing machine

MecanoFAST 250

One-piece flow cleaning / degreasing machine
Ultra compact one-piece flow cleaning and degreasing machine
  • Fast > high production flow (cleaning and drying in a few seconds)

  • Ultra Compact

  • Efficient > Meets cleanliness standards (gravimetry – particle size)

  • Polyvalent > manual or automatic loading

  • One piece flow cleaning process without buffer

  • Lean manufacturing solution

  • Made in France

Discover the smallest MecanoFAST model

Optimize your “takt time”

MecanoFAST 250 ensures a very high cleaning rate, with cleaning and drying cycles between 20 and 60 seconds, depending on the workpiece type and complexity.

Optimize takt time with one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Easy integration

The MecanoFAST 250 is ultra compact, it can be easily integrated inside the production line and brings closer the upstream and downstream operations. 

  • Floor space of only 1400 x 800 mm (55 1/8″ x 31 1/2″)
  • Useful dimensions Ø150 mm and height of 250 mm 

Your workpiece exceeds these dimensions ?

Easy integration of one-piece flow cleaning and degreasing machine

Continuous flow cleaning

The batch/basket cleaning concept generates a major disruption for the production efficiency resulting in slowing down the flow and generating downstream and upstream stock.

The MecanoFAST process takes a very different approach, this equipment use the one-piece flow concept with a short cycle time.

  • Loading / unloading on the same fixture

  • Single piece > no buffer

  • Quick machine fault detection during cycle

Working chamber one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

High performance level

MecanoFAST patented technology is based on a dedicated part cleaning, considering its geometry and complex shapes

  • Cleaning and drying critical areas
  • Part temperature under 30°C
  • Perfect drying

We support you by setting up validation trials and analysis in our laboratory, according to the standards VDA19 – ISO 16232

Design of one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Flexible and polyvalent

Depending on the use condition, the machine can be produced in 2 versions.

  • 100% manual : loading station equipped with a manual sliding door for process outside of the production line
  • Polyvalent : protected with a light curtain, the process can be fully automated with a robot.
Side of one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Reduce operating cost by 50%

The MecanoFAST 250 is consuming 2 times less energy and uses 4 times less water than a traditional system such as Tunnel ou Carrousel process.

Reduced operation cost of one-piece flow cleaning machine

Modular and easily upgradeable

  • Quick change over in less than 2 minutes

  • Reconfigurable : only part fixture and tools need to change/redesign

Modular and upgradeable one-piece flow cleaning/degreasing machine

Simplified and secured maintenance

The machine is equipped with sliding doors to ensure a secured and simplified access to the filtration system, tank and other moving parts.

Robot-friendly short-cycle parts washer maintenance

Technical specifications

Useful dimensions

Chamber diameter
150 mm (5 7/8”)
Chamber height
250 mm (9 13/16”)
Loading height
1100 mm (43 5/16”)
Maximum load
10 kg (22 lbs)

Overall dimensions

760 mm (29 15/16”)
2350 mm (92 1/2")
1350 mm (53 1/8”)


Power installed
16,5 kW
Tank volume
200 liters
Noise level
< 80 dB
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution