Machine de nettoyage et dégraissage par immersion et agitation


Immersion and agitation cleaning unit
Machine de nettoyage et dégraissage par immersion et agitation
  • Immersion and agitation cleaning process

  • 304L Stainless steel structure

  • Useful dimensions can be adapted as needed

  • Heating feature according to application

  • Front loading with vertical door and steam extraction

  • Additionnal equipment according to application

  • Made in France

Immersion and agitation cleaning of batch

Adaptable useful dimensions

In addition to the standard size, the AgiLav is also available in tailor-made sizes to suit the basket or parts to be cleaned.

  • Useful dimensions: 600 x 400 x 200 mm

  • Maximum load: 40 kg  

  • Customised useful dimensions

Basket of the immersion and agitation cleaning unit

Heating feature

Except when the AgiLav is designed to apply a protection agent (rust protection, passivation…), it is equipped with a heating device to ensure degreasing of the parts and ambiant air drying at the end of the cycle.

  • Protection agent

  • Heated cleaning fluid

  • Electrical heater can”t be damaged by lack of water

Cleaning unit by immersion and agitation equipped with heating feature

Agitated immersion process

The parts are clean by immersion in a stainless steel wire basket.

A lifting device is used to agitate the basket in the cleaning fluid.

  • Automated management of the agitation frequency

  • Robust lift guidance system.

Lifting device of the immersion and agitation cleaning unit

Raised lid

To enable baskets to be carried to upstream and downstream conveyors, the lifting device completely extracts the basket from the cleaning tank.

  • Raised lid with safety switch

  • Easy batch transfer by using anti-friction guides

  • Full basket extraction

Cleaning unit by immersion and agitation with enhanced lid

Front loading station

As an additional equipment, the AgiLav can integrate a work chamber above the cleaning tank in order to freely transfer the basket from the loading station.

  • Automatic opening vertical door

  • Steam extraction

  • Loading station with transfer rollers

Front loading station of an immersion and agitation cleaning unit

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Internal basket dimensions (LxWxH)
568 x 368 x 180 mm
External basket dimensions (LxWxH)
600 x 400 x 200 mm
Specific useful dimensions
Maximum load
40 kg
Loading height
900 mm

Overall dimension

1120 mm
1630 mm
860 mm


Tank volume
220 liters
Operating temperature
Ambiant to 70°C
Average cycle time
5 to 15 minutes
Tank heating power
12 kW
Voltage supply
400V TRI
Power frequency
50 Hz
Empty weight
120 kg
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution