Machine de lavage de pièce Maxima pour charges lourdes


Single tank turntable parts washer with front loading
Machine de lavage de pièce Maxima pour charges lourdes
  • 6 standard sizes to suit your parts dimensions

  • Large capacity work chamber for large loads

  • Front loading with tilt door or trolley

  • Useful dimensions adjustable as needed

  • Closed circuit operation

  • 304L Stainless steel structure for strength and durability

  • Degreasing of mechanical parts in a few minutes

  • Made in France

Degreasing of large and heavy parts by front loading

6 standard sizes

The MAXIMA mechanical parts degreasing machine is divided into a range of 6 standard sizes according to the dimensions, weight and quantity of parts to be cleaned.

  • MAXIMA 8 > L800 x W800 x H800 mm

  • MAXIMA 10 > L1000 x W1000 x H800 mm

  • MAXIMA 13 > L1300 x W1300 x H800 mm

  • MAXIMA 15 > L1500 x W1500 x H800 mm

  • MAXIMA 18 > L1800 x W1800 x H800 mm

  • MAXIMA 20 > L2000 x W2000 x H800 mm

Size of a single tank turntable parts washer

High processing capacity

Historic product of our product line, the MAXIMA has proven its robustness in many truck and railway maintenance workshops.

  • Load capacity up to 2 tons

  • Removal of dried grease and oil by high flow spraying

Single tank turntable parts washer with big loads capacity

Automatic cleaning

With its closed circuit tank, the MAXIMA cleaning and drying stages are carried out automatically after the operator starts the cycle.

The MAXIMA is available with multiple tanks > MB product line

  • Significant time saving

  • Low energy consumption

  • Repeatable cleaning quality

Pump of a single tank turntable parts washer

Front loading

MAXIMA front loading feature is available in two versions :

  1. Tilt door to open manually as a loading table with tray transfer guides
  2. Automatic vertical door that opens at the end of the cycle to be combined with a fixed loading table or a trolley.
Single tank turntable parts washer with front loading

Easy maintenance

If large quantities of pollution are present and quickly saturate the tank (grease, sludge, oil, resins), the machine incorporates reprocessing devices to isolate this pollution in order to space out emptying and guarantee the cleaning performance.

  • Oil skimmer

  • Degreaser – decanter – scraper dredge

  • Scrolling paper filter

Turntable parts washer equipped with double door and dredger

Adjustable dimensions as needed

In accordance with the dimensions of the parts to be cleaned, the cleaning unit can be adapted and equipped in consequence.

  • Custom-made work chamber

  • Useful height up to 2000 mm

  • Change of the door by a motorized roller shutter

  • In-pit machine

Work chamber of the single tank turntable parts washer

Flexibility & Integration

Among our product line, the MAXIMA and MB (multiple tanks) are the most flexible cleaning systems for a wide range of applications.

  • Automatic filling and dosing

  • Oscillating telescopic cleaning device

  • Fine filtration

  • Automatic loader friendly

  • Specific work piece carrier

Applications of single tank turntable parts washer

Targeted spray in manual mode

The MAXIMA can be equipped with a hand operation mode to clean difficult areas for the most complex parts.

  • Glove pockets with safety switch

  • Fluid spray nozzle

  • 3-way valve to change between operating modes

  • Glass sight and lighting with steam extractor

Single tank turntable parts washer with manual mode

Special applications

Cleaning complex and sensitive parts in the aeronautics industry requires that the cleaning fluid be the fuel that will be used in the circuits (kerosene, MEK, Diestone, etc.).

MecanoLav has a unique know-how for the manufacture of cleaning machines operating in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

ATEX cleaning units

Technical specifications

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Useful dimensions

Turn table diameter
950 to 2420 mm as standard
Turntable (cut corners)
800 x 800 mm up to 2000 x 2000 mm as standard
Useful height
800 mm as standard
Loading height
960 to 1100 mm
Maximum load
1000 kg to 2000 kg as standard

Overall dimensions

1900 to 3250 mm
1380 to 2750 mm
Depth with tilt door open
2380 to 2810 mm
1950 to 2200 mm
Height with fan
2500 to 2610 mm
Height with open vertical door
3250 to 3500 mm


Tank capacity
350 to 1200 liters
Operating temperature
50 to 70°C
Tank heating power
12 to 42 kW
Average cycle time
15 to 20 minutes
Washing pressure
3,4 to 20 bars
Washing flow
450 to 950 liters / minute
Empty weight
500 to 1700 kg
Installed power
17 to 62 kW
Voltage supply
400 V TRI
Power frequency
50 Hz
Smart cleaning
Solve our customer cleanliness issues by finding out the appropriate cleaning solution