Common rail cleaning and drying

Particle cleaning for common rail before assembly or leak test

Cleaning and drying of common rail (injection ramp)

Several OEMs in the automotive industry have already asked us to manufacture machines to clean common rail, after machining, before assembly and leak test, in robot cell.

Common rail to clean with particle specification

Particle cleanliness in high flow rate

2 different parts reference are cleaned simultaneous in less than 37 seconds.

Contamination -> cutting oil and chips

ID / OD cleaning according to the following criteria :

  • 2 mg / 1000 cm² (gravimetry)
  • 0 particules > 200 µm for aside diameter
    ( particle size)
  • Perfect drying
Cleaning of injection bars in continuous flow

One piece flow cleaning

The parts are loaded vertically by a robot and automatically clamped on a custom-made workpiece carrier.

The 3-positions rotating table allows you to load parts in masked time and to unload by a second robot in the clean room. In case of the robot is not working properly, loading is still possible in manual mode secured by light curtains.

A specific washing and drying tool performs the cleaning of the part (OD). An optimized syringe with oscillating movement cleans and dries the inside of the injection ramp (ID/ports).

Common rail particle cleaning machine