Cleaning of a crankshaft

Of 120 kilos in robotic cell

A manufacturer has requested MecanoLav expertise for cleaning a truck crankshaft.

    • Degrease the surface and greasing holes of a part measuring more than one meter
    • 0 particles greater than 500 microns
    • Perfect drying before dimensional control

Clean and dry in 3 minutes

  • Flexible workpiece holder to accommodate 3 references
  • Rotary and fixed spraying tools to degrease the entire surface and target the greasing holes
  • Module dedicated to cleaning the robot gripper : no cross contamination during installation/ recovery

Automated process

  • Vertical working chamber to facilitate the installation/ recovery by the robot
  • Part detection and 120° automatic chamber opening
  • Double filter : filter swapping in case of clogging without stopping production
  • Manufactured according to UL standards