Reducer housing cleaning

Internal/ external degreasing of reducer housing

An automotive company has requested MecanoLav know-how to clean reducer housin.

    • Remove external / internal particles
    • Surface degreasing to ensure proper paint adhesion
    • Minimum surface tension 38 dynes
    • Parts need to be perfectly dried


  • WR module : spray Washing + Rinsing
  • One chamber for each process
    fluid exchange between washing and rinsing
  • Surface tension > 38 mN/m
  • Located spraying with nozzles for housing internal cleaning
  • Rinsing fluid conductivity measurement

Easy integration

  • 3 types of fixture allowing to run 8 different part reference
  • Loading and unloading in hidden time by rotary table
  • Manual loading secured by light curtains
  • Monitoring energy consumption

Fast cycle time

  • 75 seconds cycle time
  • Cleaning 2-3 parts per cycle
  • Simultaneous washing/rinsing (2 work chamber)
  • Separate chamber for each stage