Flange cleaning

By 8 simultaneously

A Tier 2 automotive subcontractor has requested MecanoLav in the washing of flanges for electric vehicles.

    • Degreasing after machining
    • 0 particles greater than 600 microns
    • Perfect drying and free of traces before dimensional control

Clean and dry in 60 seconds

  • 8 flanges cleaned simultaneously
  • Tools that allow targeted action on all sides
  • In 45 seconds of process and 15 seconds of robot handling


  • Horizontal drawer chamber for complete and simple access by the robot
  • When installing/ removing 8 pieces at the same time
  • On pallet compatible with the 3 references (100 mm to 136 mm diameter)


  • Scalable chamber that can be extended maximum upstream machine tool dimensions
  • Simplified reuse in case of change of application
  • On fully automated production line