MecanoLav announces the new CNp cleaning technology

14 February 2020

The CNp opens up completely new cleaning possibilities in many field of activity:

  • Cleaning capillary structures (e.g., bulk parts, tubes, holes).
  • Industrial component cleaning in cases of particulate or film contaminants.
  • Industrial component cleaning on functional coatings.
  • Cleaning a very wide range of different materials – including plastics.

Explanation and benefits:

Cyclic Nucleation is a cyclic phase transition in water as a cleaning fluid. As a cleaning mechanism, cavitation is generated in the fluid. This occurs by mechanically created pressure changes that also go far down into the reduced pressure area. An asymmetrical current is thereby also created in the vacuum chamber. As this phase transition occurs on the interfaces (surfaces), the cleaning work is completed extremely effectively and gently at the same time.

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