Worm shaft cleaning and drying

Particle cleaning for worm shaft in-process and final washing

Worm shaft cleaning and drying

A well-known manufacturer in the general industry has sought our expertise in worm shaft cleaning in inter-operation.

Worm shaft to clean and dry

Particule cleanliness on a wide range of reference

Parts must to be cleaned in continuous cycle in less than 90 seconds.

Large amount of references : diameter from 8 to 100 mm and length from 150 to 1700 mm

Contamination : cutting oil, grease, lapping paste and chips

ID/OD cleanliness according to the following criterias :

  • 4 mg / part (gravimetry)
  • 0 particules > 200µm ( granulometry)
  • Perfect drying
Worm screw in parts washer

Cleaning in continuous flow

The parts are loaded horizontally by a technician on V-block fixture or in custom-made clamp rings.

Before the cycle start, the technician manually closes the lid of the working chamber in which a specific washing, rinse and drying tool performs a defined cleaning cycle on the part.

  • Clean and dry in 90 seconds

  • Cleanliness requirements achieves in-process and final washing

  • Optimized take time – no buffer

Particle cleaning machine for worm shaft