Cleaning and drying hydraulic body cylinder

Hydraulic body cylinder degreasing after machining and welding in final wash.

Cleaning and drying hydraulic cylinder body

Swedish and French manufacturers in the general industry have requested our know-how for hydraulic cylinder body cleaning after machining and welding in final washing process.

Cylinder body cleaning

High flow rate degreasing

Cleaning characteristic :

Maximal diameter: 7 1/16” (180 mm)
Maximal length: 6′ 13/16” (1850 mm)

Contamination -> cutting oil, chips, particles.

Outside diameter cleanliness requirements: degreasing and perfectly dry

Parts must be cleaned one by one in a continuous flow between 80 to 120 seconds.

Internal tubes & pipes cleaning

One piece flow cleaning

Loaded with a hoist, the parts are manually loaded horizontally in the working chamber. The tooling can be adjusted in height to accept the different body diameters.

An electric cylinder operated a syringe to clean the ID of the body cylinder. The stroke is automatically adjusted according to the PLC program selected. A rotating cleaning tool ensures the outside diameter degreasing.

For an increased bath life, an oil skimmer separates the oils.

Horizontal degreasing machine for cylinder bodies