Bearings cleaning

Internal / external degreasing of railway bearings

A railway company has requested MecanoLav know-how for railway bearings cleaning.

    • Remove 28 grams of grease from bearing
    • No alteration of steel properties
    • Clean the rollers internal location in the bearing inner ring (difficult access)

Targeted action

  • Degreasing an inner/ outer bearing
  • Cleaning in 3 steps : prewash, washing, dewatering
  • Tools developed specifically by our Design department to clean the inside of the bearing (rollers area)

Fast cycle time

  • 3 minutes cycle to remove up to 28 grams of grease per bearing
  • Degreasing 4 bearings ; with a 4 positions rotating table (1 bearing per fixture)
  • 12 minutes total cycle time for one chamber
  • 2 chambers working simultaneously or independently

Adapted cleaning

  • High temperature water spray without chemistry
  • Compact machine / higher energy efficiency compared to a belt washer technology
  • Machine can accommodate bearings from 180 to 240 mm range
  • Manual loading / unloading secured by safety light curtains