Cleaning and degreasing of railway components

4 January 2023

Solutions adapted to the needs of the railway industry, in particular for renovation and maintenance workshops

This machine degreases the outside of the bearings, the inner ring and the rollers via specific tools.

A family company that has been in existence since 1924, MecanoLav has been a designer and manufacturer of cleaning machines and degreasing machines, specializing in railway market for over 40 years.

Its machines of all sizes handle the majority of parts, and in particular the largest ones, such as bogies, axles or electric and thermal motors, but also the most diverse, such as bearings, brake or body elements :

” We are members of the French and German Surface Alliance. This allows us to be present in Europe, the United States, Mexico, China and India ”

Explains Olivier Delastre, sales engineer.

Washing machine for bare railway axles or with pit drive.


The MecanoLav machines are designed to meet the specific constraints of the railway sector, in particular the removal of major, old, tenacious and accumulated pollution, where the repeatability of the results is guaranteed by continuous bath treatment.

Thus, the axles and bearings, strategic parts of the motor, pass through an equipment capable of reaching their entire surface and extracting all the grease before expertise and renovation.

MecanoLav has developed a recycling system for these baths, but also a bottom dredging system, as well as a degreaser to capture the “supernatants” :

” This allows our clients to quadruple the life of a bath, resulting in significant savings.”

Complete Olivier Delastre.

Source: “Publiscopie: Cleaning and degreasing adapted to the railway”, l’Usine Nouvelle.