Cleaning and drying straighteners

Straighteners mark free degreasing loaded on a attached carrier after dye penetrant inspection and respecting the cleanliness classes

Cleaning and drying of aeronautical straighteners

Following the solicitation of an aircraft engine manufacturer, we designed and manufactured a cleaning machine with an automatic custom made loader to clean straighteners.

Parts washer for aircraft straighteners cleaning

Machine specifications

Dimensions of straighteners to be degreased :

  • 1 x 78 3/4” (1 x Ø 2000 mm)
  • or 2 x 78 3/4” (2 x Ø1100 mm)

Contamination > oil, chips, penetrant product.

The machine is designed to meet Class A, B and C specifications and be in NADCAP compliance.

Cycle time per load, 27 minutes including loading and unloading.

Specifications of aircraft straighteners cleaning and drying machine

MB20S, 4 tanks and a custom-made loader

The part is loaded manually upstream on a safe zone with an attached carrier, then the loading system will charge it automatically in the degreasing machine.

Rotational spraying tools are located as close as possible to the parts to ensure a proper degreasing. The part recipe is automatically adjusted to achieve the expected cleanliness requirement and to meet the surface tension required.


Parts cleaning machine with automatic loader

A controlled and stand alone process

In addition to serial filtration, resins, measuring instruments for the rinsing conductivity, a CMV evaporator ensure a process repeatability and an optimal quality of each tanks.

Filtration unit and evaporator on parts washer